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San Diego Concrete Coating Specialists Inc. is your licensed decorative concrete contractor and partner in creating beautiful concrete surfaces. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Whatever pool deck repairs you need, pool deck contractors San Diego is here to help you. Our skilled experts specialize in pool deck resurfacing for commercial and residential areas. Resurfacing is an attractive solution to the unsightly problem of worn out and outdated pool decks. Pair this with high-grade overlays or coatings and you’ll have a quality customized answer to your pool decking woes. Trust the expert in decorative concrete resurfacing!

Recommended Pool Repair Solutions


This is one of the industry’s best, low-maintenance solutions for outdoor living. Instead of removing your existing deck, we add a thin layer of cementitious material on top of the slab. We can customize the look that you want by stamping, coloring, spraying or stenciling. We also combine coatings with other pool deck resurfacing technologies, such as stamped overlay patterns, custom scoreline effects, or acid stain sprays, to produce extraordinary effects. 

Refinishing And Resealing

Resealing is ideal if your surface is in good condition and just needs a protective coating. You can try our concrete pool deck refinishing services with good remaining seals and just need some touch-ups. 

Crack Repair

Turning cracks into a decorative design might sound impossible. But using our  Custom Scoreline system, we make it possible. After we open up cracks and fill them in with flexible joint sealant, we add Scoreline Effects that incorporate cracks into custom patterns.

Featured Pool Deck Repair San Diego Options: Concrete Overlay & Coatings

Stamped Overlays

Patterned stamped pool deck

Like a traditional stamped concrete pool deck, this offers the aesthetic beauty of wood, bricks, pavers, natural stones and a lot more. The only difference is that overlays are applied over existing concrete. It provides a custom texture and a variety of coloring options that create elegant and functional surfaces.

Sundek Classic Texture

pool deck knockdown texture san diego

Using the most recommended acrylic coating, your above ground or in-ground pool surfaces can be comfortable to walk on, easy to clean and require little upkeep. Spray-down concrete resurfacing delivers a distinct texture that southern California hotels, water parks, and homeowners have trusted since the 1970s. This spray texture creates a cool deck coating that has slip-resistant barriers which improve traction on wet areas and prevent accidental falls.

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With a highly skilled design team, experienced craftsmen and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. guarantee that your pool remodels will yield exceptional results. Select your designs, colors, patterns, and finishes from a range of coordinating materials. You have complete control over the look and feel of your project. Blend your pool deck in with your patio or brainstorm ideas to individualize the two. Our residential and commercial pool decking San Diego installers are prepared to work with you and to isolate your problems.

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