Concrete Driveway Cost: What You Need to Know

concrete driveway san diegoRenewing the look of a concrete driveway in San Diego requires careful planning. It involves a lot of decision-making as to what overlay to use, which pattern would look best, and more. One of the most crucial details that need careful deciding is concrete driveway cost. There are factors to consider when checking for decorative concrete rates.

Material and labor costs could differ by location and by company. Some may include concrete sealing in San Diego while some may treat it as an additional service. Browse through different decorative concrete companies in the area. Find the one with the lowest rates but make sure that with it comes quality work.

The size and location of the project also influence costs. Most decorative concrete treatments are priced per square foot. The wider or longer the driveway is, the more costly it would be.

Decorative Concrete Driveway Cost

Being aware of the estimated cost of a driveway resurfacing would be helpful in planning the actual project. It is important to at least have basic knowledge of how much everything would cost. This will prevent regrets and going over the budget. Worse, a project could stop all because finances have been exhausted. With proper financial planning, the concrete driveway will be a worthwhile investment. The following rates may vary based on location, size, material, and labor cost:

Basic Installation – Involves basic methods and materials

  • Single coloring treatment
  • Textured finishing
  • Basic stamping or stenciling
  • Basic border
  • $8 to $12 per square foot

Mid-range Installation – Involves elaborate effects, patterns, and colors.

  • Concrete engraving or stamping using more complex patterns
  • Two or more color or pattern choices
  • Addition of a contrasting pattern or border
  • Basic concrete scoring
  • $12 to $18 per square foot

Progressive Installation – This involves customized designs and colors

  • Customized borders
  • Custom sawcut or scored designs
  • Handcrafted stencils
  • Hand-applied stains
  • Additional decorative accents
  • $18 and above per square foot

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