Getting Acid Stains Indoors or Outdoors

Acid stains are one of our most popular concrete refinishing systems. This is because of its stylish and slick property that makes your surface look like it’s made up of an expensive material. It’s one service that we at Concrete Coatings Specialists, Inc. have mastered over the years. It looks attractive and fashionable for an indoor floor and is a great enhancement for patios, walkways, pool decks and other outdoor areas. We use highly penetrating and highly saturated stains for our stamped acid stain projects. An acid stain chemically reacts with cured concrete to produce a rich, lasting color effect. It’s also ideal for basements and kitchens.

Acid Stain Process

Stained Interior Floor
Stained Interior Floor

The entire process for acid staining is quick and simple. But this doesn’t mean that you can leave it to a non-professional for application. It should be done with full caution as it contains harsh chemicals. The first step involves thoroughly washing the entire concrete surface (after clearing out the space) that will be stained. The area must be free from traces of paint, wax, grease, dirt and other tiny specks that could contaminate the acid stain. You don’t have to worry about the cleaning phase as we are more than willing to do the job for you. Some regular household cleaners might interfere with the composition of our acid stain, so you can leave the cleaning all to us. After this, it usually takes multiple spray coats if you want to go for bold colors. The drying time depends on the temperature, humidity and volume but it usually takes several hours to dry. The colors also darken as the drying process happens. A final wash is done and you can be surprised at how fast this one is done within a day or two.

Colors, Patterns and Designs

The main use of an acid stain is to add a vibrant color to your concrete surface. But this is not the only purpose of the stain. We can even add stamps and textures that you would like to have on the flooring. A tile-style stamp works great along with the acid stain, especially outdoors. Stain colors can be applied alternatingly within the tile outlines to create a multi-color effect. It’s the perfect design scheme if you want to be extra creative with the concrete space. We also have warm, natural tones such as red, tan and brown. When the job is finished and all is set for use, they will also be super easy to maintain and becomes more durable, saving you a lot from future costs.


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