How to Resurface Concrete

If you’re like most people, you probably prefer economical options when it comes to home improvements. The most basic method of concrete resurfacing is a feasible project for any DIY kind of person. You can avail of basic resurfacing products in home improvement centers and hardware stores. If your concrete spaces have an issue with spalling or flaking, this is a good option to get it right back into shape. Take note that concrete resurfacing does not correct structural issues like deep cracks. Ready to resurface? Read on!

Preparation: Cleaning and Repairing the Concrete Surface

pool deck resurfacing san diegoSurface preparation is essential to every concrete resurfacing project. Remove any grease, oil, stains and tree sap from the concrete surface. The surface should also be thoroughly cleaning of any loose dirt and debris. This ensures that your resurfacer adheres properly to the substrate or existing concrete. If there are any hairline cracks, spalling and flaking these will require patching up with a repairing agent.

Mixing the Concrete Resurfacer

concrete overlay mixingResurfacers allow more or less 20 minutes of working time at room temperature before it hardens. For optimum results, the resurfacer should be mixed and applied one bag at a time. A 40 lbs. bag of resurfacer will require about 3 liters of water. Pour the water into a bucket prior to emptying the bag of resurfacer into it. Mix it thoroughly until it comes to a smooth consistent texture. After this, let the mixture sit for a while. Give it a last mix to make sure that it is the same consistency as syrup.

Applying the Concrete Resurface Overlay

concrete coating applicationTo apply the resurfacer, simply pour a small amount on the concrete surface and spread it with a long-handled squeegee or trowel. Make sure that it is spread evenly. Work on one 144 square foot segment at a time. If there are areas on the concrete that needs a second coat, let it dry for a couple of hours before applying a second coating.

Letting the Resurfacer Cure

concrete curing contractor san diegoLeave the resurfaced concrete area to cure for about 8 hours or overnight. Wait at least two to three days before exposing the area to vehicle traffic. Otherwise, make sure it is undisturbed during the curing time. For the first two days, it should be kept slightly moist with a light misting of clean water.

Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them closely throughout the process. This basic method of resurfacing is enough to cover up minor surface flaws. For decorative resurfacing, that will greatly enhance the aesthetics and function of your concrete space, consult your local concrete contractor. Find out more about concrete resurfacing in San Diego when you visit our homepage.

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