5 Items That Make Your Swimming Pool Safer


A swimming pool is fun and exciting but it can also be dangerous. Small children could fall into the pool, swimmers could slip or fall on the slippery deck, and several more. A pool owner in San Diego should be responsible enough to make the area safe and secure. It may involve some costs but to be able to save lives and prevent injuries will make it a worthwhile investment. Here are five items you need to have in the pool area:


1. Cool Decking

The pool deck plays an important role in the pool area. It provides space for walking, sunbathing, lounging, and more. It can get pretty hot especially when it is exposed to tremendous heat for hours. A great solution is a cool deck resurfacing. A cool deck overlay not only prevents bare feet from burning, it also features a slip-resistant texture. You can contact a local concrete contractor to inquire about repairing and resurfacing cool deck around pool, whichever your pool deck needs. The great thing about cool deck coatings is that they are highly decorative and valuable to the entire property.

2. Safety Pool Cover

A safety pool cover is a thicker, more secure covering for a swimming pool as compared to a winter cover. The latter is kind of like a large tarp that is put above the pool to keep leaves and debris from going into the water. Because it is not secured with any lock or anything, water could accumulate at the top and could still pose as a drowning spot for kids and pets. A safety cover is either a solid or mesh-like material that is placed on top of the pool with edges extending past the coping. Several ropes, vertical and horizontal, go over it and are secured by anchors installed on the pool deck. These keep the cover in place, even if kids and pets walk on the cover itself.

3. Child-resistant Fence and Gate

Kids are very curious and would do anything to get to what caught their attention. Whether they know the pool owner or trespassing into a neighbor’s pool area, the owner will always be responsible for any event of drowning or injury. This is why it is important to have a child-resistant fence and gate. It should be at least 4-feet high so that small kids can’t climb or reach over for the lock. The gate should also have a self-closing and self-latching locking mechanism in case someone forgets to lock it.

4. Security Alarms

There are several types of alarms you could use for the pool area. One kind is the one you attach on the pool fence gate. Once the gate is unlocked without access being granted, the alarm goes off. Another is a perimeter alarm that consists of an invisible laser field. Once something or someone goes passes through the perimeter, the alarm goes off. Although effective, it can be quite costly.

5. Outdoor Lighting

Accidents can happen especially in dark or poorly lit pool areas. Installing outdoor lighting can guide people walking on the deck. This way, they won’t accidentally trip or fall into the pool. Choose LED lights for outdoor light fixtures. Although it costs more upfront, the savings you acquire in long term use will actually save you more money than having fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

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