How To Protect Your Floors During Holiday Seasons

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time that you may be wanting to take a rest. However, as you lay back on the couch, you notice several fixer-uppers on the floor! What happened?

Across the world, people celebrate long holidays. These are the season when your home or commercial spaces gets crowded.

You can’t stop people from gathering, which wears and tears the floors quickly.

There are still some events hovering around your schedule.+

Family celebrating the holiday season

And while you are still on vacation, you may want to use this time to call residential flooring san Diego contractors to restore and repair the worn-out floors at home.

It’s not too late. While you wait for the aid from the experts, use today’s list for you to prepare for the coming years and practice care and protection to your floorings at home.

4 Tips To Protect The Floors From Heavy Foot Traffic

The following are timeless tips to continue practicing even if the holidays are over. Here are four simple practices to protect the floors and prevent lifetime damages.

Place Rugs

Colorful rugs on the floor

When you have already purchased your dream flooring, most homeowners tend to flaunt it, and you may have even gone with the interior black stained concrete floors trend, and that’s fine. 

But what’s not okay is when stains and outdoor elements such as rotting leaves, dirt, sand, even gravel would bring in stains and scratches on the floor.

You may want to keep your comfort while holidays by placing rugs to minimize the dirt on the concrete steps in your properties.

Do this, and you’ll worry no more about your floors getting hard to remove dirt and marks as leftovers from the holidays.

Remove Shoes

Two level shoe rack

You could maintain a comfy and low maintenance space in your bedroom and personal man cave when you practice taking shoes off unless you are sure to walk along clear streets and sidewalks.

However, look back at all the places you’ve been to the last holidays. You have been everywhere, and you may have also visited the beach.

Sand residues, debris of woods, stone, or snow could have mixed the other stains as food spills, etc.

Grimes will soon surface the floors. You can avoid the hassle and save time to relax if you least allot space at home where you can walk barefoot (or with foot socks if it’s cold).

Save the floors from unnecessary flaws and save the moment for you to prolong your rest and recreation.

Clean Spills Immediately

Wine spill on the floor

The third tip is no rocket science. It is as quick and easy as cleaning the spills immediately.

Do not wait any moment longer to delay wiping off the dirt and food spills on the surface. Get on your feet and clean. Off you go.

Use Felt Pads

What are felt pads? Before, during, and after holidays, there is a constant movement of furniture to rearrange for pirates, sleepovers, and the like.

You could wish you’d heard felt pads before, so you could have avoided the floors getting scratches.

These are helpful protective items, especially if you have bare polished residential flooring. What you may do now is get a quick repolishing or resealing to your concrete floorings.

After that, start practicing placing felt pads for that area with massive furniture and cabinets.

Now that we’ve finished with that, here are some tips on cleaning and maintaining your patio.

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