Floor Coatings Best For Your Garage In San Diego

Garage floors need sturdy space. The surface becomes a mixing palette of grease and grime that makes evident its productive activities. For this reason, garage floor coatings San Diego is necessary to protect the concrete footings. 

When protective coatings are applied, the floors improve their strength, thus increasing their lifespan. Using a layer of sealer or coatings on the garage floorings will help increase your properties’ resale value.

Now, you are probably interested in revamping the garages. But before you head in and apply popular choices such as epoxy coatings, there are other various types of garage floor coatings you may find suitable for your needs. 

garage epoxy floors

1- Clear Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is undeniably everyone’s top choice for coating the garage floor. For simple and quick refinishing, a clear coat will instantly revive the floors’ polished and seamless surface. Minor stains and cracks will worry you with refinishing the floors with a clear resin-based coating.

2- Flaked Epoxy

If you need something more stylish to inspire productivity in your garage, a flaked epoxy flooring is for you. The epoxy coating mixture has flaked chip paints added to it.

The flake additives create a distinct pattern and texture. This is your go-to design coating for your garage flooring if you want to have creative control over the design outcome. You can choose how the flaked texture will come out. You have an option to make the flaked patterns to look coarse, rough, or fine.

3- Metallic Tones

Metallic epoxy creates a lustrous and distinct opalescent surface on the floorings. The garage will look stylish and unique with a metal-like sheen on the surface.

The glittery additives are poured over the epoxy coating during application. It results in a morphing pattern that adds an effect on the floors while it gleams. This is perfect for the garage. The metallic sheen on the surface adds brightness if you got a gory garage.

You can create metallic floors in either dual tones or monotone. What you can do is mix more than a single color of glittery additives.

4- Garage Paint

Aside from a pure solid resinous coating, you can also use epoxy-paints or solvent-based paints. Paints are suitable and conventional materials to cover up minor flaws.

If you opt to change the coloring and sealing of the garage floors on a regular basis, then paint is a suitable material for you.

5- Garage Tiles and Mats

There are other conventional and easy to install materials that you can use as an alternative to resinous and polymer-based concrete coatings. Vinyl tiles and rubber mats are excellent garage floor coatings.

You can assemble and disassemble these materials into parts. In this way, you can wash and clean them as you take them off the floors. Once cleaned, you can also install them back on the floorings. 

Rubber mats and tiles offer great impact-resistance, which is why they make suitable materials for the floorings. They offer various colors for adding light and brightness to the garage area.

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