Finished Concrete Floors, The Pros And Cons

Concrete finishing is an essential step in installing concrete flooring. In deciding if you need a concrete finish San Diego in your homes and office spaces, consider the benefits and downsides that come with it first. 

In this article, we will identify them to help you get to your final verdict whether a concrete finish is for you or not.

Pros Of Finished Concrete Floors


Finishing the concrete floor comes with many advantages. When the concrete floor is finished, it provides a smoother surface, prevents dust, increases concrete longevity, minimizes cost, and beautifies spaces.

Smoothen The Surface

One of the top benefits of finished concrete is providing a smooth surface to walk on. It also provides a smooth transition from your indoor living spaces to your outdoor flooring.

Prevent Dust

Compared to finished concrete, unfinished surfaces absorb dust and particles that could deteriorate a concrete floor. 

Concrete cracking and chipping also produce crumbs of cement, which may cause health problems and financial troubles needing constant repair or replacement. 

Finished concrete is easy to clean—with a mop or broom, you can quickly get rid of dust and dirt!

Lengthen Concrete Lifespan

Concrete finishes act as a second protective layer to shield the surface from the elements that could cause damage to your concrete floor, therefore, increasing its lifespan.

Minimize Cost

A finished concrete surface prevents damage by the elements and eventual wear and tear, reducing maintenance costs.

Improve The Look Of Spaces

Concrete is not limited to industrial spaces and sidewalks anymore. 

It is now fast-growing as one of the top choices when it comes to residential and commercial flooring. 

With a plethora of colors and designs, you can make your concrete floor look like brick, stone, or wood, which can improve the look of your patios, living areas, and other interior spaces.

Cons of Finished Concrete Floors

Patio with red couch and fire place

While the pros outweigh the cons, you might want to take a look at some of the drawbacks of finished concrete floors. 

Finished concrete floors are too hard to stand on, unable to retain heat, absorb moisture, and produce a loud noise.

Too Hard To Stand On

Concrete is durable and versatile, making it one of the top flooring options in residential and commercial spaces. 

With its strength and durability, standing on it for long periods of time may strain your feet. You can add anti-fatigue mats or carpets to areas where you spend most of your time standing to overcome this.

Unable To Retain Heat

Concrete flooring is usually cold and has less capacity to retain heat, especially during winter. One way to overcome this is to embed radiant heating cables in concrete floors to reduce heat loss. 

Adding carpet and using indoor slippers or flip-flops can also prevent getting the chills on your feet.

Absorb Moisture

If concrete flooring is not finished correctly, it can absorb moisture, which causes damage. 

By hiring professionals to provide concrete finish services in San Diego, you can make sure your concrete floor is finished appropriately.

Produce Loud Noise

If you choose a polished finish for your concrete floors, it can make small uncrowded rooms seem cavernous and loud. 

You can place rugs, heavy drapes, or acoustic wall panels to absorb or block sound to reduce the noise.

The Verdict: Finish Your Concrete Floor

Now that you know the advantage and disadvantages of concrete finishing, you may ask, “Should I finish my concrete floor?” The answer is yes. 

While concrete floor finishing has some drawbacks, we cannot deny that it is a practical choice for homes and office spaces. 

For your concrete floor finishing and resurfacing needs in San Diego, call San Diego decorative contractors.

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