Epoxy VS. Polyurea, Which One Is Better For Your Floors?

Concrete makes durable flooring for your properties. Home and business owners now prefer the state of the art flooring systems enhanced with innovative products. An epoxy flooring San Diego is a favorite among busy spaces like the garage. Building a sound and sturdy flooring is a must, especially for those that receive high foot traffic.

Epoxy reigns the spotlight among garage floorings. But with advanced technologies, a more recent development merges in the industry. Competing with epoxy’s superior features is the polyurea floor coating.

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You’ve probably heard about the “1-day install floor.” This is the polyurea polyaspartic floor. Just like epoxy, polyurea has a 2-part component synthetic polymer. It is appraised for its fast curing time, faster than epoxy.

In this blog, you will learn more about the differences between epoxy and polyurea floors. Most of their strengths overlap. Knowing the specific qualities of each will help you pick your best option.

This overview will help you get a direct comparison of the two.

Epoxy & Polyurea:                The Comparison




100 % SOLID

100% Solid 

Polymer + hardener

Two-part, low solid + resin blend + polyurethane (synthetic polymer)


2-3 days

Very fast, 1-day quick cure


High foot-traffic resistant



Waterproof. High-temperature resistant,

Elastic, flexible under extreme heat


Color can fade duet to too much weathering

Able to produce 3D effects and customized designs and color combinations

Has high color retention

Monolithic pattern, limited designs


High chemical and heat resistance.

Very high chemical, heat, and rainwater resistance.

UV-ray resistant


Low odor & Low VOC

Environmentally friendly

Very low odor & very low in VOC

Good for the environment 

Epoxy: The King of Floors

Epoxy Flooring is ideal for most types of floors, which is why it initially makes the best match with garage floorings. However, epoxy floors go beyond garages. Commercial spaces are choosing concrete coatings San Diego for its customizable designs. It is best suitable among small retail spaces and interiors.

Epoxy metallic flooring and the Flaked epoxy are the best matches for garages. 3D epoxy floors fulfill the dream floorings of most commercial and industrial spaces.

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Polyurea Garage Flooring

Now, here take a closer look at polyurea floors. The one day install flooring is the best match for garages today. The garage area has the messiest spot.
Grease, grime, oil spills, and cracked surface are common sites. Polyurea provides most of the high-resistant qualities a garage floor needs.

An additional feature that the 1-day install floor has is its UV stable quality. Polyurea is a type of polyurethane compound. Unlike epoxy flooring, the synthetic polymer material is flexible under extreme heat.

The reason why most epoxy flooring is suitable indoors is that it has low resistance from the sunlight. When heated by the sun’s bright rays, its color can fade, and the resin coating can chip, peel or crack. On the other hand, Polyurea has a complex heat-regulating technique, which makes it the best system in the garage.

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