Daily and Monthly Maintenance Checklist for Epoxy Garage Floors

garage floorsGarage floors do not always make it on the top of the list when it comes to remodeling and maintenance. Although it is one of the most used, and in so many ways, it rarely gets the attention it deserves. One common reason is that it can be difficult to clean and maintain it because of all the grease, oil stains, tire marks, and more. Fortunately, a garage epoxy floor coating has made it easier for homeowners to acquire stunning and durable floors without all the maintenance fuss. It is not true that epoxy floors do not require maintenance. They still do but at a less tedious level.

Daily Maintenance List

  • Using a soft bristle broom, sweep the floor to free it from dirt and loose debris.
  • For dust, use a dust mop for easier cleanup. If the dust won’t adhere, wet the mop just a little to make it damp enough for dust to stick.
  • Although epoxy is non-porous, it is still recommended to clean up spills immediately especially if it involves harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid dragging equipment, furniture, or any heavy items across the floor.
  • Install mats where appropriate. This will help catch dirt, snow, or any other things that may get caught up under shoes, keeping them from entering the garage.

Monthly Maintenance List

  • Wet mop the garage floor with a mop and a bucket of water. If you must use a special cleaning product, choose those that are neutral or alkaline-based. Avoid using anything acidic like vinegar or citrus.
  • Use a dishwashing soap instead of detergent when washing the garage floor every month. Detergent leaves a thin film of residue.
  • Dishwashing soap, on the other hand, leaves the floor squeaky clean and slip-resistant.
  • Dry the surface completely with a fan or some towels.
  • Inspect the floor for any damage or stains. If you find one, deal with it immediately before it gets worse.
  • Use a buffer machine or a buffing cloth on a dull garage floor to restore its shine.

If you want a garage floor that stays tough and presentable even after tremendous usage, an epoxy floor coating comes highly recommended. Not only is it easier to clean and maintain, it also provides an appeal that you probably only saw in car showrooms and high-end dealerships. Invest in a good garage floor material, not on cleaning and maintenance products and equipment.

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