Epoxy Garage Floor: Your One Reason To Have It

Did you know that garage areas increase your property’s value? San Diego garage flooring pros know that garage spaces are commonly left in disaster once the owners park the cars. Thus the garage becomes one of the most undermined spaces. 


Are you one of those who thought that its sole purpose was to cage vehicles? Or you might use it only to hold unused appliances, maybe or just storage for Dad’s tools.

gray car parked in an epoxy flooring garage

But think again, and look once more around your garage area. Now, if the cars are out, there’s a significant space left unused. Either it’s waiting for the car’s return or just waiting to be messed around once the dirty engine work begins.


To get down to your one reason why go for an epoxy garage, have a concrete comparison of the other garage floor options first.

A Hard Look Garage Flooring Options: Comparisons

The Upside of Carpet and Tile Flooring. The garage flooring materials most homeowners use are mat flooring or carpet tiles. The main reason for using these is their easy to install feature. 


It is true that when using carpet tiles or mats, you have all the time and liberty to set it up on the floors. Compare it to when you use concrete or tiles which need technical tools to install.

The Downside. Light-weight synthetic plastic materials make up carpet tiles and mat floorings. They are nice options among garage floors where little action goes on.


If you ever asked, “Are garage floor tiles worth it? The quick and practical answer is no for long-term use.

Among heavy forklifts or commercial garages where auto repairs happen, the materials will wear down quickly and need replacement after some time. It is practical for temporary use but not practical for heavy, daily use.

The Upside of Garage Epoxy Flooring. Garage epoxy floors are worth it! Unlike tile carpets and rubber tile floors, epoxy does not wear or tear. It will need more than a decade before you replace the flooring. Also, only natural causes like ground movement or soil expansion and contraction due to heat will make severe cracks appear on the surface. 

Here are the most acclaimed features and benefits epoxy garage floors are known for.

  • Highly slip-resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Polished and seamless surface
  • Hard to break the surface
  • Glossy surface to brighten up the garage
  • Long-lasting
  • Quick curing coating, no downtime in the garage
  • Appealing floor designs and patterns available
  • Unique and customizable flooring designs
  • The possibilities for garage epoxy colors are endless.
garage flooring san diego

What is the MOST beneficial feature of an epoxy garage floor?

Here is the main reason and one benefit of an epoxy garage floor that breaks all barriers for you to use this super flooring. 

So, the main answer to “what is the benefit of an epoxy garage floor is this: INCREASE PROPERTY VALUE.

Having the epoxy garage floor San Diego may sound expensive, but it sure is worth one’s investment. Epoxy Flooring San Diego is available for any of your epoxy flooring needs. 

Here are more reasons why epoxy is an excellent addition to your steps.


  • An epoxy garage helps a property increase its resale value.
  • It also adds appeal to the floors in your home or commercial space.
  • Epoxy garage floors are easy to maintain.
  • Epoxy flooring makes a bright space in the garages.
  • The floors become super resistant, reducing damage.
  • The floors do not get stains, dirt, or chemicals stuck on the surface for so long.
  • The garage area becomes a safe space to work due to its hygienic floors.
  • The epoxy flooring makes non-porous slabs, not letting any dirt and microparticles or bacteria live on the surface.
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