3 Easy Pool Decking Tips from Pros

Whether you have had a pool deck for a while or just installed a new one, it is important that its form and function satisfy your needs and wants. If you are in the planning stage, here are a few helpful tips from San Diego Concrete Coatings Specialists.

Cream colored classic texture pool deck

Pool Decking for Inground and Aboveground Pools

Choosing a pool deck material in the past was based on the pool type you have. An inground pool uses tile or stone, while aboveground types use wood. However, the availability of decorative concrete pool deck resurfacing options makes it easier to choose.

If you want a natural stone deck, there is no need to spend an exorbitant amount of money to acquire one. Pool deck resurfacing coatings and overlays are highly recommended for inground and aboveground pool decks. They can be installed on an existing deck and are durable, appealing, and easy to maintain.

Concrete Pool Deck Maintenance Tips

Power washing is necessary for pool decks, but don’t overdo it. An annual schedule is good enough, even for decks around saltwater pools. Make sure to seal and reseal the deck to maintain the protective layer.

Schedule yearly service checks with a pool deck professional, even if it does not involve a repair. A thorough assessment from a pro will help detect signs of damage even before it manifests itself. This will save you from dealing with expensive and extensive repairs.

Brown colored sealer in a concrete pool deck

Designing the Pool Area

If you are installing a new pool deck, a pro can easily design one with great consideration for your needs and wants. However, altering the design can be quite restricted if you have an existing concrete pool deck. There are ways you could enhance the look and function of your pool deck affordably:


Concrete stains come in acid and water-based types. These can effectively change the color of a concrete pool deck. These yield luxurious results.


Patterns on concrete pool decks can also be changed. If you are tired of your old deck, add a flagstone pattern on it in various hues of brown. You may also add a textured coating for a subtle yet gorgeous appearance.


The way the pool deck is designed is permanent unless you remodel or renovate. To give the illusion of a new layout, rearrange the furniture instead. You may also want to add potted plants, shades, and even stand-alone walls for extra privacy.

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