How To Make Residential Concrete Earthquake Resistant

ruined house due to an earthquake

The recent 2022 (March) earthquake monitoring incidence in San Diego records four ground movements occurring within seven days. 

With this fact, a homeowner must be aware of how to provide structural safety to the residential concrete San Diego. There is of high importance to make the foundations of a home and all establishments durable and earthquake-proof. 

But how would this be possible? In this blog, the local concrete contractors of San Diego share these three practical ways to make residential concrete floors earthquake-proof.

  1. Create quality foundation
  2.  Create quality foundation
  3.  Hire Only Professionals

Earthquake Restraint Moves To Strengthen The Concrete Floors At Home

You only need to remember three. In that way, you could focus more on the most important: building safety from the floors. No more delaying on what you can do. Here are earthquake-proof ways to improve the structural safety of concrete floors.

1. Create A Quality Foundation

When having a magnitude 6 or 7 earthquake, seismic activity is enough to break the ground. For less durable cemented space, the earth could crumble. Strong quakes are a natural phenomenon that causes flooring cracks.

And if you would notice, those concrete cracks would crawl up the walls that cause any building, residential or commercial, to crumble down. Professional concrete floor builders, thus, have an important job to make sure that foundations are structurally sound. When all the walls and ceiling tear down, all you got left is the floor. That said, a quality flooring foundation is essential.

concrete house foundation

2. Invest In Quality Materials

Look back in history, and you will marvel at ancient world architecture. It’s all because of quality materials. You better believe when your grandma and grandpa say the quality of life was better back in their 70s. You probably got historic houses from the 50s and older.

But it is not all the time that quality equates to the old days. These days, you can find quality materials, and you have to find reliable suppliers and service providers who can make them for you, just like your reliable concrete contractors.

contractor shaking hands with the client

3. Hire Only Professionals

Now that second point brings us to the third and last point. Hire only the pros.

When the foundations of your home are at stake, no one else will give you quality service that uses quality materials but San Diego concrete floor experts.

As someone with experience, they can only give you a trusted, high-quality brand and service. Hire the pros and get all the critical points all at once.

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