DIY Pool Deck Resurfacing: Pros & Cons

Pool decks can get old and ugly due to its long exposure to outdoor weather and pool water. While it is easy to just remove the deck and replace it with a new concrete floor, it is a lot of work and quite expensive. The best solution would be a pool deck resurfacing San Diego service. There are many licensed concrete contractors who can do the job efficiently but there are homeowners who would rather do it themselves. DIY concrete pool deck resurfacing not a bad idea but it is important to know the pros and cons of choosing this option before proceeding with the project.

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  • DIY is a bit cheaper than a professional install because you won’t have to pay labor costs. Pros charge extra for their work and sometimes for additional manpower, especially for really large pool decks.
  • You get to decide everything, from what type of design to how long it should be completed. There would be no contractor telling you which design you should choose and how many work hours per day they can only accommodate.
  • Because you know your pool deck more than anyone, you know the issues and concerns that need to be addressed.
  • It would give you a sense of fulfillment to have resurfaced your pool deck successfully on your own.


  • It will be very tiring and exhausting on your end because you have to do all the dirty work. Also, you would need to find willing and eligible helpers especially if you are working on a wide pool deck.
  • Unless you have the experience and expertise to do a complete pool deck resurfacing San Diego project, a DIY would be a risky choice. You would be able to find various video tutorials but then its reliability is quite questionable.
  • You may be wasting precious time you could have used for other important matters, like spending time with your family.
  • Licensed contractors would be able to do the work faster because they have the right tools and equipment needed to resurface the pool deck efficiently.
  • Doing it yourself means you have to purchase the overlay or coating yourself. This means you have to choose products wisely, probably would need to check product reviews. You would also need to purchase the tools needed to apply the resurfacing material if you don’t have one yet.
  • You can guarantee good and effective results especially if you have no or very little experience in pool deck resurfacing San Diego work.
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