4 Important Things To Discuss With A Decorative Concrete Contractor

Most contractors offer a free consultation for anyone interested in a decorative concrete project

It is important to make the most of this meeting to discuss important things that will help you decide which service you should hire them for and all other details involved in such a remodeling project. 

Make A List Of Things You Want To Discuss

Two men discussing plan for construction

1. Type And Use Of Flooring

During an in-home consultation, take the contractor to the concrete surface or flooring that you want to be resurfaced or refinished. 

Let them know how that space is often used. 

This will give them an idea as to which decorative concrete material would be most appropriate.

2. Current State Of The Concrete

Tell the contractor about any finishing or coating that has been applied to your concrete surface. 

This way, they would know how much preparation the surface would need before the overlay or coating could be installed. Let them know about certain symptoms of damage that you might have noticed or observed.

3. Color, Aesthetics, And Decorative Effects

Herringbone pattern for stamped concrete patio

Tell them about the look you are going for. 

If possible, search for photos online and print them out to show the contractor. This is to make sure that he will be on the same page as you are when it comes to designing the concrete surface.

4. Special Requirements Or Requests

Make sure to mention special requirements or requests that you may have for the concrete surface they will be working on. 

This is to ensure that they could inform you about possible charges that it may incur and so they could make a plan that would include those. This may include things like a non-skid surface, a border, custom scoring, and more.


These are just a few of the things you need to discuss with your contractor but they are some of the most important. If the contractor provides you with answers or any details during the discussion, make sure to note them down. 

This way, when they draft the contract, you could check if all these are included in the project details and in the total cost. 

Doing all these will help make the process run smoothly and prevent any conflict, unexplained charges, or any other issue from arising during and after the decorative concrete project

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