Design Ideas For Stained Concrete

There is nothing more luxurious and unique as stained concrete San Diego floors. Aside from the richness that each and every color brings, there is an almost unlimited number of ways it can be further customized with faux finishes, saw cuts, and even stencil work. For those looking for something that can turn plain and boring concrete floors into amazing works of art, a concrete stain application is the best solution. It is anything but boring. The great thing about this is that it is a lot more economical than other decorative concrete finishes. Want to know the design possibilities with stained concrete? Here are some great design ideas for staining concrete floors:

  • stained concreteSingle-color Floors – For those who do not want anything too loud or complicated, a single acid stain concrete color will do. Acid stain has the tendency to create more unique hues and effects on a concrete floor, depending on the components of the concrete floor. The chemical reaction can make it look like a vintage marble floor, leather, and other luxurious surfaces.
  • stained concretePersonalized Patterns – If you want a floor that is uniquely yours, personalizing it is recommended. This can incorporate unique patterns, embellishments, colors, and even logos or graphics.


  • stained concreteMetallic Floors – Make your floor stand out with some shine and sparkle. There is quite a selection of stains that can make floors look like nickel, bronze, silver, and even gold. These are ideal for commercial spaces, such as restaurants, boutiques, and more.
  • stained concreteSawcut Patterns – Sawcutting can be done before or after a stain is applied. For specific designs and patterns with multiple colors, the concrete floor must be cut first to make it easier to apply different stain colors separately on their corresponding areas. For single colored floors, the sawcutting can be done afterwards.
  • stained concreteStencilling – Instead of cutting, paper stencils can be used to create patterns or designs on stained concrete floors. The patterns can be created in various ways, such as sandblasting, overlays, and more. Contractors who know how to stain concrete and do stencil work can make the floors look like a patterned carpet or tile flooring.
  • Stained Walls and Ceilings – Although concrete staining San Diego services often deal with floors, it can also be done on other concrete surfaces, like walls and ceilings. This is a great alternative to painting because stains permeate a concrete surface, making it more durable and long-lasting.
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