Concrete Patios, Yes Or No?

Concrete Patio Resurfaced w/ Sundek Classic Texture

We all want a beautiful home. You want to have the best for yourself and your family. We want that too. And so there’s this one question we always keep getting: should I go for a concrete patio?

If you’re wondering if concrete is a good choice, installing a concrete patio in San Diego requires an upfront investment while considering money, time, and labor costs. However, concrete patios are a good investment because even though they have an upfront cost, their versatility, durability, and cost will continue to return your initial investment.

Low Upfront Costs

If you think about it, concrete can be fairly affordable compared to other materials. Our SunStone decorative concrete overlay system is a great choice for your patio and is significantly cheaper than having a patio made of real stone.

Our advanced technology in the decorative concrete industry can service your patio with quick-drying sealers, fast-setting concrete overlays, and equipment and tools that ensure the most efficient application. We can also add patterns and designs that are suitable for your patio and are within a client’s preferences. All of these things considered, the labor cost is reduced.


Concrete patios are very durable, so you can ensure your investment is protected and well-taken care of. It’s strong enough to withstand weather conditions, and stamped concrete will outlast wood or masonry patios for years.

Low Maintenance

As another advantage, concrete is so easy to maintain. This is because the entire thing is a solid surface, contrary to paving stones, which are a series of stones put together, making it hard to clean and maintain.

This lessens the risk of uneven paver stones leading to a tripping hazard or weeds growing from the cracks on the paver. And if you compare it to wooden patios, concrete doesn’t have to be regularly stained and resealed and won’t give you splinters, termites, or wood rot.

Easily Resurfaced

If you have grown tired of how a patio looks, concrete can change that for you because it’s easy to alter its appearance. Resurfacing concrete can always be done anytime, and you can add a decorative concrete overlay like Sundek Classic Texture or even change the floor’s color. It’s also possible to resurface concrete and add a new stamp design to revive the way it looks with minimal cost.

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