Pool Resurfacing Ideas and Designs with Cool Deck

The thought of immersing in the pool water sounds refreshing! But after that, getting out of the pool turns into a nightmare. 

You stepped on the concrete decking, and the surface burned your feet! Ouch! How can you make the concrete surface cool to the touch?

Have you heard of the cool deck? How a cool deck sounds is exactly how it feels. The decks around the pool retain a cold temperature even if they are thawed under the sun’s high heat. Check out your swimming area. 

If you are around the Sunshine State or humid, tropical cities like San Diego, then a cool deck by the pool is a must-have.

Here are fantastic ideas to design and create the concrete decks that feel and look cool!

cool wooden pool deck
fire pit by the pool

4 Cool Deck Ideas for Your Pools

1- Sand Pits

There is no other way cooler than having the actual beach on your property. Make a sandpit around your pool deckings. 

Taking a walk on a sandy white beach is relaxing. A sandy layer added on top of the cold decking satisfies that beach craving.

To complete the whole experience resurface and remodel your residential or commercial with a cascading pool deck. Having a heat-reflecting deck joined with sands feels like heaven. 

Reminisce the beach with the cascading waters. Let the water and the sand that cascades together caress your feet.

2- Fire Pits and Torches

A fire pit is a single-piece structure that takes your pools into another step. You can also find the use of the fire pit in multiple ways. 

You can lit up the fire pit in the morning or during the night. Either way, the real fire flaming beside the pool creates a subtle mood. You can heat your smores here. And when the night comes in, you can warm your hands by the fire pit while the anti-heat concrete deck cools your feet.

3- Hot-tub

A mini hot tub for the jacuzzi is always a good pair around the pool area. Small hot steam is a cool idea after you splash into the pool.

After a fun time swimming or playing beach volleyball in the pool, get some chill and relax moments when you immerse in steaming water. 

Do not forget to keep the concrete area you walk on cold to the feet. Hot water comforts your body, but with a cold decking on the pool, the surface makes strolling comfy.

4- Slides, Fun, and Games!

Last on the list, create a fun and cool area to perform games or play around the pool. Make this one especially for the kids. 

When was the last time you took the children to the beach? But if you have a swimming pool in your enclosed property, you can provide that joyful time and keep them safe at the same time.

Build a sandbox by the pool. Set up slides with it, then top it with a play or toy area. Apply a spirit-knockdown finish to add texture to the concrete decking. 

This will provide a heat and slip-resistant surface. It’s safe for the children to slide through and run barefoot. Sit and lay by their back as they bask at the moment, even under the warm ray of the San Diego sun.

hot tub and jacuzzi by the pool
slides and falls by the pool
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