Top 3 Colors for Cool Decks

When choosing cool deck colors for your swimming pool decks, there are a few things you need to consider.

The first is the overall tone of your home – are you going for a more modern look, or do you prefer something classic and timeless?

The second is the climate in which you live – if you get a lot of sunlight, you’ll want to choose cool decking colors that won’t absorb too much heat. You’ll also need to consider your style – what colors do you feel most comfortable with?

Finally, pool deck resurfacing cost – is your chosen pool deck style within your budget? With all that in mind, here are our top 3 cool colors for pool decks:

Natural Stone/Gray Colors

Stony-silver or gray are cool pool deck colors, sleek color that can give your pool deck a very modern look. It’s also perfect for hot climates, as it won’t absorb too much heat from the sun.

An ashlar slate stone would be an example of a perfect pattern that suits the silvery ash-grey. Stamped concrete can be the application you can use to achieve this.

Gray and black pool deck hue

Sand/Beach Colors (White, Cream, Dirty White Colors)

White is another excellent color that can help keep your pool deck cool in the summer heat. It’s also a classic choice that will never go out of style.

White is a calm, refreshing color. White can also be a challenging color scheme and too delicate to apply on an outdoor concrete as a swimming pool deck. But this would perfectly coincide with the classic spray texture or the knockdown finish.

The textured surface would add drama to a pure, blank canvas. White would not look so white at all. The texture gives an illusion that something else is happening n the surface, which makes the entire decking application cool!

Cream colored classic texture pool deck

Ocean Blue

Blue is the perfect color for a pool deck, as it evokes thoughts of relaxation and tranquility. It’s also an excellent choice for hot weather, as it will reflect the heat rather than absorb it.

You can do this color scheme with classic stamped concrete pool decks. However, something that would represent the blue color is an oceanic vibe that you can do so with the stained concrete.

You can be more future forward with your bluish color choices. Ask your pool decking contractors if they got ocean mist or seafoam colors to match your idea of a tropical east European pool decking design.

What Each Color Makes Someone Feel?

Cool deckings are enough to bring out a unique texture that gives a comfy feeling when stepping barefoot on the pool deck surfaces.

But adding color to the textured pool deckings would improve the whole experience. Cool colors add a more sense of calm and refreshing vibe visually.

Here are the exciting emotions or moods each excellent color gives out to someone.

Silver: cool, sleek, modern, fun
White: cool, classic, timeless, tranquil
Blue: cool, relaxing, calming

Other Popular Colors to Choose From

Aside from the top 3 choices, you can now incorporate other colors and be playful in your approach. You can add a feminine vibe by adding pastel peach and daffodil colors.

Cool Way to End: Conclusion

Cool colors are perfect for the pool decks for many reasons. Depending on your preference, they can give your deck a modern or classic look. They’re also great for hot weather, as they won’t absorb too much heat from the sun.

And finally, they come in various shades so you can find the perfect color for your style. If your looking for a local concrete contractor in San Diego look no further than San Diego Concrete Coatings Specialists. 

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