Top Considerations for Pool Deck Layout Plans

Any home is almost never complete without a swimming pool. Not only is it a good source of fun and exercise, it is also an added asset to an existing property. Whether you decide to have in-ground or above ground pool decks to go around the water, it is highly important to plan the layout carefully. There are certain things you need to take into deep consideration and discuss with your local contractor to ensure that the pool with deck you build is appropriate for you and your family.

Beautiful and Functional Concrete Pool Deck

Pool Deck Material

This would often depend on what type of pool you are looking to build. An above ground pool deck often uses wood or aluminum whereas an in-ground type would often feature a concrete deck. Another option that most homeowners consider is pool pavers, at least if they could afford it. Just make sure that it has important qualities, like:

  • Slip-resistance
  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Light color (absorbs less heat)

View from the Deck

As the saying goes “The view is everything!” The same is true even for in ground pool deck designs. Any view that can be seen from where the pool is could help enhance the satisfaction or enjoyment that one feels, whether they are taking a dip or just hanging around on one of the deck chairs. If there isn’t any great view worth highlighting within or outside your property, then might as well add a landscape or an aesthetically pleasing fence. It would be much better than having to view the house next door or the busy street.

Pool Deck Privacy

Unless your pool deck plans include making it a public area, it is important to set the right amount of privacy for your swimming pool. Not only will you be keeping yourself away from spying eyes and prying neighbors, you will also spare them from the noise of splashing water and screaming kids. If you have a fairly wide area in your backyard, try to keep the pool as far away from the neighbor’s side as possible. If space is limited, install a running water feature, like a waterfall or fountain, which could screen most of the unwanted noise. When preparing pool deck layout plans, you might also want to keep the pool a good distance away from your own house, far enough to prevent too much noise but viewable enough to monitor safety and usage.

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