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Everyone knows that concrete is a very porous material. This is why it so easy for ugly stains to develop on it. No amount of rubbing or scrubbing will get that stain out because the color pigments are embedded in the pores of the concrete slab. Another unpleasant issue about concrete is how it has a natural tendency to discolor as it ages. Just like stains, it is impossible to counter that. Fortunately, decorative concrete refinishing is able to restore concrete and make it look more appealing.

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Concrete Refinishing VS. Concrete Resurfacing

It is common for people to confuse refinishing with concrete resurfacing. Some even thought that it is one and the same. Although both are decorative concrete solutions, there is one major difference. Refinishing is simply changing or adding a finisher on the concrete slab. Resurface concrete, on the other hand, is replacing the whole top layer with a coating or overlay.

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It is important to first have your concrete space assessed by a licensed and experienced contractor so as to determine the right solution for your pool deck or garage floor. If the damage is superficial, meaning something that just has to do with appearance, then refinishing it would be fine. Here are the top systems used in refinishing concrete services:

Stained Concrete

Concrete staining is one of the most recommended coloring methods for repairing concrete with faded colors. Concrete stains penetrate past the surface, making fading and peeling impossible. Both acid and water-based stains effectively disguise ugly stains and discolored concrete. You can choose multiple colors used if you wish a more decorative look.

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Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing is often done on indoor residential and commercial flooring. It acquires the look of a well-waxed and well-buffed surface minus the tedious work involved. This is a great way of maintaining the utilitarian look of the slab but with a more luxurious shine and smoothness.

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Concrete Resealing

All San Diego contractors recommend to seal concrete surfaces to eliminate its porosity. However, sealers only last about a couple of years, depending on how much it is used. This is why it is important to reseal concrete spaces once it starts to go dull. This adds a layer of protection and a bit of appealing sheen to it.

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