4 Reasons Why Concrete For Pool Decks is a More Sustainable Material Compare to Others

Concrete is a common and familiar material used for almost any part of a house or establishment. A lot of people don’t know that this material requires intense energy to manufacture and transport. It also increases the carbon footprint during production. So, in what way is it sustainable enough to overpower its effects during creation?

Concrete is Long-Lasting

pool deck resurfacing san diegoConcrete is a very durable material. A lot of structures that have been built hundreds of years ago still stand today, although not in their most pristine condition, of course. It is resistant to heat and cold. It is also not possible for bugs to chew it to deterioration. Some pool decks made of concrete do not need to be replaced for several years. Instead, resurfacing pool deck is done to renew the surface, giving it an improved form and functionality, while maintaining the slab underneath.

It is Energy-Efficient

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Although concrete is not a good insulating material, it has thermal mass which allows it to store warmth and coldness and later release it when needed. This is why spaces with concrete surfaces stay cool on warm days and stay warm in cool days.


This Material is Available Almost Anywhere

pool deck resurfacing san diegoConcrete is a locally-sourced material. The raw materials needed to produce it is available almost anywhere in the world. This means CO2 emissions created during transportation is reduced.


Concrete is Recyclable – to a Point

pool deck resurfacing san diegoOld concrete that has been torn out and removed can be ground and used as a road base, a filler, or as an aggregate for new concrete mixes. In fact, just a small amount of old concrete actually makes it to a landfill. However, there is a certain limit to its recyclability because the chemical properties of concrete have a tendency to change with each recycling process it goes through.

Many experts are coming up with good ideas and creating new technology that creates a greener concrete. However, not every country would be able to afford or access such developments from where they are. People can not afford to wait, as well, since the demand for concrete is high and it is such a basic material that home and business owners use. Concrete, when manufactured or produced, is not green. However, many processes, techniques, and methods in the construction industry are making it possible for concrete to be.

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