Top 5 Trends in Concrete Floor San Diego

When it comes to flooring materials, the traditional choices are carpet, wood, and tile. This is still true but the trend has been slowly leaning more towards decorative concrete nowadays. The variety of designs and techniques available for use on concrete floors San Diego, California have encouraged more appealing ideas for both indoor and outdoor floors. Here are the top 5 concrete floor trends you should know about:

Epoxy Floor Coatings

concrete floor san diegoOne of the quickest ways to enhance the look of a concrete floor, especially for garages, showrooms, car dealerships, and basements, is an application of an epoxy coating. This can be customized with microchips or stains and is highly durable against heavy floor use. This is applied on floors that are structurally sound, covering blemishes and minor cracks effectively.

Acrylic Concrete Overlay

concrete floor san diegoAcrylic water-based concrete coatings are great for use on old and ugly floors because it provides enough durability and appeal. This is often sprayed onto a concrete slab and then troweled to create a textured surface. The great thing about this decorative concrete overlay is that it can be stamped, carved, stenciled, stained, used with aggregate, and more.

Stained Concrete


concrete floor san diegoThere are two types of concrete stains: Acid and water-based. The first produces classic and elegant decorative concrete floors with a marble-like appearance whereas the second produces more opaque and consistent colors and designs. The great thing about coloring concrete is that it is very easy to clean and maintain despite looking like such a high maintenance floor.

Stamped Concrete

concrete floorProbably one of the most popular concrete trends in San Diego, CA is concrete stamping. The most common floors that use this type of decorative concrete resurfacing services are pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways, front entry ways, and more. It can also be used indoors especially for homes that want the natural look of stone on their floors. Aside from natural stone, it can also mimic the look of tile, brick, pavers, and other flooring materials. To better emphasize its look, stains are added to mimic the look of the material it is being substituted for.

Polyurea Polyaspartic

concrete floor san diegoOriginally used on industrial and commercial floors, Polyurea Polyaspartic has become one of the most sought-after decorative concrete coatings for use on residential homes. It makes an existing concrete slab more durable and aesthetically appealing. It can be customized with microchips, producing an almost terrazzo-like appearance. One standout feature of this coating is that it sets and dries pretty quickly, making it ideal for urgent or immediate floor enhancements in both residential and commercial concrete floors San Diego projects.

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