Concrete Driveway Trends Homeowners Will Love!

In the past, driveways were merely a means of getting from the road to the garage and vice versa. Nowadays, property value and curb appeal play a huge role in home design. Even concrete driveways are being planned carefully to not only be functional but decorative as well. Need ideas for your concrete driveway? Here are trends you would surely find interesting.

Spray Texture

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While most coatings are spread with a roller brush, an acrylic concrete coating is sprayed and then trowelled onto the surface. The spray knock down finish features a textured surface that provides improved traction. Aside from being functional, this knockdown texture looks absolutely stunning on a driveway. It comes in a variety of colors but can be customized with concrete staining and custom scoring.

Stamped Patterns

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Always dreamed of a brick driveway but can’t afford one? Worry no more. Concrete overlays can be stamped with a brick pattern at a more affordable cost. Concrete stamping offers a wide range of patterns to choose from. Natural stone can even be replicated through pattern stamping or manual carving. Stains can then be added to make the replication a lot more realistic.

Color Staining

stained concrete drivewayIf you prefer plain concrete on your driveway, you can still make it more decorative and customized with concrete stains. Acid and water-based stains come in a variety of colors that penetrate deep into the slab for longer lasting colors. Acid stains create random effects and shades, similar to the mottled look of marble or leather. Water-based stains are more consistent and opaque, perfect for custom driveway patterns or designs.

Dramatic Lighting

driveway with lighrsOutdoor lighting is more than just about illumination and safety. Placed strategically, it can create drama and enhance the look of a driveway. You can choose to install lamp posts or just a bit above the surface of the edge of the driveway. You can even choose colored bulbs for a more dramatic entrance.

Grass Add-ons

drivewayPlants are always an option for enhancing concrete driveways. You can add bushes or flowering plants in pots along the edge of the driveway. Some homeowners add grass in between pavers or stone units for a more rustic look. One recommendation is to use artificial grass to minimize maintenance and improve durability. You can use concrete on the areas where the wheels tread and then use grass on the rest of the surface.

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