Does Your Driveway Need A Facelift?

Before you go on reading this, take a look at your driveway and then come back.

Is it beginning to look like an old, ratty, chipped and abused jigsaw puzzle? Have you noticed cracks and gaps making its way on and off the slabs making them look like it’s a dropped egg? How about evidences of wear and tear on the edges in the form of deep chips and sliced chunks? If you answer yes to most or all of these, then your driveway is the perfect candidate for having a resurfaced driveway!

concrete-driveway-sunsand (2)
Driveway Resurfaced W/ Sundek Decorative Concrete Overlay

As far as your home maintenance priorities are concerned, you might have placed kitchen and bathroom remodeling at the top of your list and kind of forgot about your driveway (after all, you spend most of your time inside your home right?). An ugly and stained bathtub is a reminder that you’d never want to see, but as long as your car won’t sink into nothingness there’s not a problem, right? Unfortunately, after all the years that you’ve been using your driveway, complete with environmental abuse, there will come a time when your driveway would scream at you to have it maintained or resurfaced. It just has to be done.

Sudden Damage

Have you ever tried having “fun” while you shovel your cracked and destroyed driveway? Imagine your shovel sliding across the pavement and then you encounter a hidden crack. Your shovel digs into it and forcefully snags the elevation, exposing the soil underneath the concrete! This is a very irritating and shocking experience, so before this even happens to you, consider resurfacing your driveway!

Saying Goodbye to Winter and Hello to… Cracks?!

After going through winter, spring finally comes rolling in and reveals all the things that winter has left behind. Cracks that have widened and spread into new places are one of the things that you would instantly notice. And once all the imperfections have come to light (literally), you have to face it–it’s time for a driveway resurfacing.

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

Once you’ve completely resolved yourself to have this service, here are some of the benefits that you can gain once you have your driveway resurfaced:

  • Durability – your concrete surface would have a longer lifespan and become even stronger by its added ability to withstand high amounts of traffic.
  • Traction – driveway resurfacing enables your vehicle to get a better grip on the concrete surface and offers a great deal of safety to people as it also becomes slip resistant.
  • Firmness – after the first month of resurfacing, your driveway instantly gains 10% surface strength that could double its resistance to all kinds of wear and tear.
  • Ease of Maintenance – a driveway resurfacing lessens the need for repairs in the long run. A little bit of cleaning and sweeping could do the trick of keeping your driveway well-maintained.
  • Cost – concrete driveway resurfacing is a cost-effective and practical solution if you always find yourself encountering driveway imperfections.
  • Eco-friendly – It does no harm to your immediate and surrounding environment. No chemicals, no residue and definitely no harm to the atmosphere and surface.
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