4 Tips For Planning A Concrete Driveway

The driveway does more than just connect a property to the street. It is a significant contributor to a property’s curb appeal. 

It sets the stage for that first impression, so it should be something unforgettable. Whether you plan to install or remodel a concrete driveway in San Diego, it should be planned carefully. 

You don’t want to end up spending for something that looks awful or boring. Here are some tips you would want to keep in mind when planning a driveway.

4 Tips To Keep In Mind

Classic texture concrete driveway on a residential property

Drive Property Value Up

You are not just making it convenient to drive up to your garage, you are actually improving the property resale value of your home. 

Keeping this in mind will alter all the decisions you have to make during the planning and installation process. Every detail needs to contribute to the value it would bring.

Check Driveway Size Standards

Every community or neighborhood has certain driveway size standards. It is important to find out what yours are. This way, alterations and adjustments can be made during the installation, not after. 

In San Diego, the standard size for a driveway is 12 to 20 feet wide. A professional concrete contractor in San Diego should be able to provide you with more insight into standard sizes for different types of properties. 

A long driveway needs to be wide enough for the car to be able to do a turnaround and come back out facing forward.

Make Space For Walking

Resurfaced driveway in front of a a house

It is important to consider that you and your family would need a place to walk around the car, even when the car doors are open. 

Making space for walking prevents family members and guests from having to walk on your lawn or any grassy area. A good two feet on both sides of the driveway should be enough to provide space for stepping out of the car.

Choose Designs With Care

Choosing how the driveway would look may be tricky but it is fun. There is such a wide selection of concrete driveway designs to choose from nowadays. 

It is important to choose the design carefully, so you won’t have anything to regret after everything has been done. 

First, choose a pattern that matches or complements the architectural style of your home. If you are planning to add some color, ask an expert on the best hue to use. You wouldn’t want an eyesore for a driveway, would you? 

Last but definitely not least, acquire for a concrete sealing San Diego service. Not only will it enhance the look of the driveway, but it will also provide protection for a long-lasting driveway.

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