Stamped Concrete San Diego: Cost-Effective Overlay Installation

Are you looking to add texture, pattern, color, and design to your concrete? Then you’re ready to experience the many benefits of stamp overlays. Dull and plain surface is now the thing of the past with this decorative concrete solution.

Here at Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. San Diego CA we specialize in stamped concrete overlay installation, stamped concrete finishing, and revamp services. 

Our promise of providing quality results is backed up by over 30 years of experience in the decorative concrete industry. Whether you live near San Ysidro, Point Loma, or elsewhere in the area, our expertise is within your reach.

Brown colored stained and stamped patio

The Difference Between Stamped Overlay and Concrete Stamping

Stamped Concrete/ Stamping

This installation is done on a newly poured concrete mix. 

Unlike overlays, stamping does not require an existing concrete slab as a substrate to adhere to. 

If there is an existing slab, it must be removed before new concrete is poured and imprinted. In the most basic sense, it’s simply stamping fresh concrete with a patterned mat.

Three contractors stamping concrete patio overlay
Man mixing stamp overlay mixture in a bucket

Stamped Concrete Overlay

Also known as patterned, textured, or imprinted overlay, this is applied to existing concrete slabs. 

It offers the same aesthetic benefits as traditional stamping but without the hassle of removing the existing surface. 

Its main function is to restore and update worn-out patios, pool decks, decorative concrete driveway, walkways, and entryways.

New Stamp Overlay Installation Services

Are your driveways, patios and pool deck surfaces starting to look dull or suffering from superficial damage? Resurfacing these with a patterned overlay is the solution to your woes. Our team of professional contractors will start off by thoroughly preparing the existing surface or substrate for proper adhesion. 

A modified polymer overlay is then applied on the surface before imprinting it with your pattern of choice. 

The surface is treated to dry more slowly which allows plenty of time to achieve optimal results. It can be further customized with a water-based or acid stain color of your choosing.

Services for Existing Textured Overlays

As do everything in this temporary world, an imprinted overlay will lose its luster after a while.

Fortunately, it can be revamped and remodeled to look brand new. 

If you have an imprinted overlay in your property that needs a boost, we provide the following services:


This is an option for textured overlays with dulled surfaces.


 A patterned overlay can be restained to revive stains that have lost their vibrancy and sheen over time.


Overlays require resealing every 5 years to maintain their quality and to serve as protection from daily exposure.


Overlays with colors that are no longer bright and vivid can be recolored.

The Advantages of Installing Patterned Overlays on Patio, Pool Deck, Driveway, or Walkway

Despite the lovely Mediterranean climate of the city, concrete begins to decline in appearance over time. Textured overlays can instantly spruce things up again. Here are more of its benefits:

Stamped concrete pool deck
  • The overlay is quite durable and resistant to most outdoor damages.
  • These coatings are convenient because they require very little maintenance.
  • There’s no need to reset or replace them.
  • They’re safe because they produce no cracks and don’t settle after being installed.
  • When stacked up against other options, the cost of this resurfacing work is remarkably affordable.
  • Due to the fact that there are many textured patterns or stamped concrete overlay patterns available, achieving customized results is a breeze. You can enjoy the look and feel of natural stones, bricks, tiles custom slates, and a lot more!
  • With a layer of sealer, the surface can last a long time, especially in light traffic areas.

The Process of Decorative Concrete Stamping Overlays

Step 1

The modified polymer overlay is spread out over the existing concrete.

Step 2

The selected textured mats and base material are sprayed with a release agent that keeps the overlay from sticking to the mats.

Step 3

The selected mats are placed onto the drying modified polymer coat and pressed in to make an impression.

Step 4

The stain of choice is spray broadcasted onto the textured overlay.

Step 5

The clear sealer is applied to reveal the true color of the overlay and serve as protection.

Maintaining the Imprinted Overlay

Imprinted overlays require little maintenance. Regular upkeep for interior overlays only calls for wet mopping or dry mopping. 

This is done occasionally to avoid the build-up of abrasive particles. For textured overlay in outdoor environments, pressure washing or scrubbing with a mild detergent is enough. 

It is necessary to have your overlays resealed every 5 years to keep them in pristine condition.

Make the bold choice to add patterns, color & texture to your outdoor and indoor surfaces. Call a trusted concrete stamping contractor in San Diego!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Removing a sealer from plain concrete is difficult and patterns and textures make it even more so. Chemical strippers are used to loosen the adherence of the sealant to the substrate. This makes it easier to remove. Mechanical stripping isn’t ideal because it uses abrasives to grind off the sealer. This may cause scratches on the overlay surface.

 Faded stamped overlays can either be stained or colored to bring back their vibrancy.

The average price for basic stamped concrete ranges from $8 to $12 per square foot. However, costs can go up to $18 per square foot if more projects and designs are involved. Prices vary widely, depending on the materials used, labor in the local market, and job complexity.

No. Concrete stamping is not outdated and it will never be. With newer designs and creative installations introduced, stamped concrete has a lot to offer. Ergonomically and economically useful, concrete stamping will stay in more years or so.

Yes, stamped concrete can be used in any climate.

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