Epoxy Flooring San Diego : Installation Process

Concrete is a hard-wearing material, hands down. Although the surface may chip off or crack when exposed to tremendous pressure, a concrete slab remains intact and long-lasting. When garage floors in San Diego start to wear out, a better solution than replacing the whole slab is needed. Something affordable that would not compromise quality and aesthetics is essential. Fortunately, there is Epoxy floor Coating.

Two cars parked in a garage with epoxy coating

How is Epoxy Flooring Installed?

Epoxy floor coating is a two-part material used to resurface concrete in San Diego. One of the most popular uses of this material is on a garage floor. 

It features a very durable surface that is resistant to chemical spills, abrasion, impact, and more. But how is this epoxy coating installed? Here’s a glimpse of the actual process:

  • The surface first needs to be assessed by a professional concrete contractor. This is done to check if the existing surface is still in good enough condition for a resurfacing project.
  • The San Diego garage epoxy contractor uses a grinding machine to remove any existing coating and to make the surface raw enough for better adherence. If any surface damage exists, repairs are done at this stage. Cracks are filled and holes are patched. But if these are symptoms of deeper, irreparable damage, the contractor might suggest replacing the whole slab instead.
  • The concrete surface is etched to ensure the floor coating sticks effectively. The etching agent is then rinsed off, leaving the concrete to air-dry.
  • The epoxy floor resin and hardener are mixed and blended well before pouring onto the concrete. Using a roller brush, the mixture is spread evenly throughout the surface.
  • If the owner wants a more decorative look, paint chips can be added to the base coat and then sealed with another coating. The owner can choose to have a single or multi-colored effect, thanks to the wide range of colors these paint chips are available in.
White car parked in a garage with epoxy coating

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