Concrete Staining San Diego : From Boring to Beautiful Flooring

In the past, concrete floors were primarily seen as a basic foundation material. However, with the rise of decorative options for surface floors, many property owners are now opting for concrete over traditional flooring materials like tiles, stone, carpets, and rugs. This choice is particularly suitable for San Diego, California, given its capacity to maintain a cool indoor environment in the face of humid weather conditions. Stained flooring offer an excellent solution for those seeking a decorative concrete overlay, providing a cost-effective means to enhance the aesthetic appeal of various surfaces.

stained interior concrete

The Benefits Of Stained Concrete Flooring

Aside from being an economical decorative concrete solution to floor upgrades, here are other reasons why it is becoming the hype among floor owners nowadays:

Gorgeous Aesthetics

Floors will obviously become a lot more interesting because it comes in a variety of colors. Concrete floors San Diego contractors can use a single color or multi-colors on almost any indoor or outdoor floor.

Better Than Paint

Paint used to be the best option for adding color to a surfaces. Staining in San Diego, however, are more durable because it goes beyond the surface of the floor. This means it is a lot more resistant to scratching and fading.

Quick And Easy Installation

It is an ideal solution for floor owners who want a simple and quick floor upgrade without all the fuss of more complex floor resurfacing solutions. 


Stain Concrete Options: Acid & Water-Based

Acid Stained

This chemical-based solution can turn plain floors into beautiful, stone-like walking surfaces with random hues and effects. No one can truly predict what the results are because every single floor produces different outcomes, depending on how the acid solution would react with the concrete’s components.  Acid stained concrete San Diego is perfect for interior floors like kitchen and living room, as well as for outdoor flooring like patio, driveway, and  walkways. 

Water-Based Stain

On the other hand, this type of solution produces more opaque and consistent colors because it is a non-reactive coating. This is popular for residential and commercial floor owners who want specific designs on their floors, such as logos, geometric patterns, and more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

On average, the pricing for commercial and residential stained floors vary widely. As for a simple and basic single stain color application with sealer and minimal surface preparation, you would have to pay between $2 and $4 per sq. ft. The cost increases as the level of complexity of the job arise. For an intermediate stain job, which includes one stain color, minimal slab prep, and final sealer coat, the said job would cost you at least $4 and at most $10 per sq. ft. Meanwhile, an upgraded stain job is costlier at $8 to $15 per sq. ft. The job includes complex sawed patterns and multiple color buildups. A high-end stain job, on the other hand, costs between $12 and $25 per sq. ft., inclusive of stencil work, and hand-applied

Generally, stained concrete floors are NOT as expensive as many thought them to be. On average, the base price for a stained concrete floor finish is between $2 and $4 per square foot. Now, the costs can go up depending on the flooring details such as the size, color, finish, and customization. Also, additional costs are dependent on the surface prep or work around obstacles like cabinets, draws, etc.

Stained concrete is better than epoxy flooring in many ways. Most notably, concrete staining is more affordable than installing epoxy. In addition, it is ideal for interior flooring, safe, and environment-friendly.

Staining or dyeing concrete would depend on whether the concrete is indoors or outdoors, and what effect you wish to have on your property. Staining are more flexible as they can be applied on either indoor or outdoor floors. However, the coloring effect is not as intense as that of the dye. And the downfall of a concrete dye is it is not ideal for the outdoors as it can easily fade due to exposure to sunlight and UV rays.

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