Benefits Of Spray Knockdown Texture For Commercial Pool Deck

Safety is essential to your commercial pool decking in San Diego to make guests enjoy splashing into the pool. You would only be able to provide the best commercial pool service with attractive and functional pool decks and exteriors. 

Have you heard of the spray knockdown texture? Check out our blog for unraveling this “cool” decking option. 

For this blog, our professional pool deck installers from the San Diego concrete contractor team would like to discuss the benefits of using the spray knockdown textured finish to your pool decks. 

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Spray Knockdown Finish: 5 Benefits For Your Commercial Pool Decks

Cool decks can remain cold to the touch and comfortable to the bare foot. One application that achieves this form and function is the spray-knockdown finish, and it provides textures of concrete pool decks. It uses acrylic and epoxy-based coating trowelled down to make a distinct shape and cooling system on the pool decks’ slabs. 

Here are the benefits of the classic spray-knockdown texture.

1- Enhances Slip-Resistance

Of course, the first thing you would benefit from with the textured cool decking finish is the superior slip resistance. 

Concrete slabs would naturally have a dense surface that minimizes slipperiness. 

2- Increases Durability

The knockdown texture is achievable by adding epoxy grout into a concrete coating mix. It has final touches of acrylic-based coating that seals it and helps keep the slabs cool by reflecting away the heat. 

Due to this mix, the coating adds a layer that strengthens the slabs more than ordinary bare concrete. If you resurface the pool decks with the spray-knockdown finish, the surface will renew and will hide any existing cracks it may have on it. 

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3- Makes The Surface Cool To The Feet

The knockdown texture also helps maintain the coolness of the surface by creating the coating material that consists of acrylic-based compounds and epoxy. Epoxy is an excellent material that seals surfaces; however, when exposed to the sun, epoxy may crack. An acrylic coating is added to help the coating expand and simultaneously have a cooling mechanism where the coating repels the sun ray’s heat.

4- Gives A Pleasing Aesthetics

Pool decks typically consist of plain tiles or slabs, while some would look traditional with bold colors screaming outdated. 

An exceptional benefit of a knockdown or troweled finish is its modern look. 

5- Pool Ambiance That Increases Profit

Business owners would not regret investing or think about the resurfacing pool deck cost. Commercial pool areas would greatly benefit from having an overall pleasing ambiance. Your textured concrete pool deck is enough to create that magic in your commercial swimming parks and resorts. 

The knockdown finish is both comfortable to feel and look at. The patterns are delicate and natural to the eyes, and it simply stuns those who would look at the pool deck’s design.

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