Celebrating San Diego’s Surf Culture with Coastal Inspired Outdoor Spaces

America’s Finest City is all about the sun, sand, and sea. The City of San Diego is the West Coast’s pride when it comes to surf culture. Living in the city is a truly immersive experience and one of the best ways to celebrate it is with coastal style exteriors. The light and breezy feel of this particular aesthetic is a perfect match for outdoor spaces of San Diego homes and establishments. In this article, we give you ideas on how to achieve coastal inspired outdoor spaces.

Opt for a Nautical Color Palette

Most people steer clear from a nautical color palette because of the usual navy, red and white is outdated and overused. However, nautical isn’t limited to these three colors. Modern nautical color palettes incorporate the creative use of various shades of red, blue and neutral shades like gray and beige. Instead of thinking the usual navy blue, think about aqua and teal. True reds can be reinvented with oranges, pinks, and corals. Neutral shades like cool toned grays are great as a base color that grounds more vibrant and vivid colors.

Simplicity is Key

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One of the common misconceptions surrounding coastal style is that it is terribly kitschy. Although this tends to be the result of overdoing it with excessive knick-knacks, it can be avoided. How? With a simple rule: less is more. A simple layout for the patio or pool deck area is all you’ll need to keep it light and breezy. Go for a minimalist approach when it comes to hardscapes to achieve a modern and sleek feel. Swap intricate designs with geometrical lines and shapes for outdoor installations.

Patterns & Textures

If you tend to veer towards intricacy, don’t be afraid to do so with patterns and textures. To avoid overdoing it, try to apply this when choosing furniture, fabrics, and other outdoor accents. When choosing textures to be inspired by the tactile experience of going to the beach. The visual and nuanced experiences can be conveyed through your preferred design choice. Visually obvious textures can be found in woven pieces like rattan or in repurposed driftwood. To counteract the harshness of some textures include enough soft elements that you can layer together for comfort.

Want to know how else you can achieve coastal style outdoor spaces? Consider decorative concrete applications provided by expert concrete contractors in San Diego. This includes stamped concrete overlays, concrete staining, coatings, and more. Contact your local decorative concrete provider to know how you can enhance your residential or commercial exteriors. Visit our homepage to find out more.

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