Choosing the Right Acid Stain Color

Concrete floors are highly ideal but can be quite boring of left as it is. No one wants a boring gray color on their floor. It is such good fortune to have a way to add pizzazz to any concrete floors: acid staining. Using a solution of mild acid and inorganic metal salts, an acid stain product induces a chemical reaction that creates a marble-like color effect on the floor. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor floors, be it for residential or commercial areas.

Acid Stain Colors

acid stain san diegoFor acid-based concrete stain, the color selection in most shops are limited. However, it is important to remember that the actual result after it has been applied on a concrete floor will not look exactly as the stain. It is highly recommended to consult an acid stain expert, a concrete contractor, or anyone who knows how to stain concrete about testing a certain color before finally deciding on one. Two or more colors can also be combined to produce a new shade. Some of the most common colors for decorative concrete stains are:

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Blue-green
  • Black

Tips in Choosing Acid Stain San Diego Colors

It can be quite tricky choosing the right concrete acid stain color to use on exterior or interior floors. Here is a brief guide in choosing the right color for stained concrete projects:

  • Pay attention to the current color scheme in the room or the entire house. Choosing something that somehow matches or complements it.
  • If there is a variety of colors in a room or home and it is quite difficult to choose a single color that would go with it, opt for neutral colors like brown. This color goes with almost anything.
  • For areas that often get dirty, choose a dark shade of acid stain as it disguises dirt a lot more effectively than light-colored floors.
  • Acid stain San Diego products may produce random colors or shades as it reacts with the concrete floor so it is important to leave some room for something unexpected.
  • The newer the concrete floor, the more intense the colors would be so this should also be something worth considering.
  • If planning to apply a sealer after staining, expect the colors to be a bit deeper than it was prior to sealing. So choose a color that is a shade lighter than your desired color.
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