Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing Pool Deck Materials

No matter what you are building or remodeling, choosing the type of material to use can be difficult. There is quite a list of options available in San Diego, all with their own pros and cons. When it comes to choosing resurfacing pool deck materials, you can check out this guide to zero in on the right material.

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The first and foremost question would probably be “how much are you willing to invest?”. People are sometimes limited by their wallets. There are many amazing materials out there but most would cost a fortune. There are quite affordable types, too, but those are often flimsy and unreliable. If you already have an existing concrete pool deck, you can opt for a cool deck resurfacing instead. The surface is coated with a cool deck overlay, giving it better aesthetics and improved function whilst restoring the existing deck.


Safety is another factor that needs deep consideration. Some materials become super slippery when wet. It can be very dangerous and you wouldn’t want to restrict the fun and enjoyment of kids frolicking around the pool, would you? There are many cool deck coatings that can be applied on other pool deck materials to increase grip and traction. The cool deck resealing procedure involves spraying or stamping, guaranteeing a textured, non-skid surface.

Heat Reflectivity

No one wants to walk on hot concrete, except those circus dudes who walk on burning coals. Some materials have the ability to absorb heat, making the surface painful to walk on. Choose a heat reflective surface like a cool decking. The material reflects heat back instead of absorbing it, making the surface about 30% cooler. Also, make sure to choose a light-colored material as such reflect heat back more effectively.


This is a no-brainer. Of course, everyone wants a durable pool deck. But then you can never really tell how durable a material is until you have installed one and put it into use. If you are interested in a particular material, do not settle for written or oral reviews and testimonies. Visit a home or commercial space that makes use of that material. If possible, talk to the owner and ask how the pool deck has held up since it was installed.

Maintenance Requirement

Cleaning a pool deck requires quite an amount of time, energy, and effort. If you have the passion and time for this, then this factor isn’t really something you should think about. But if not, choose a low-maintenance deck that is easy to clean.

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