3 Tips on Choosing the Best Pool Deck Fall Color that is Perfect All Year Round

The fall season is popular for a natural phenomenon when most deciduous trees change their colors from green to a variety of autumn colors. The most common colors include red, yellow, orange, brown, and pink. Some leaves even turn to purple, blue, and magenta. If you want to incorporate fall colors on a pool deck repair or remodeling project, here is how you can make it look trendy all year round.

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Choose One Fall Color

Just because there are several fall colors, doesn’t mean you have to have all of them on your pool deck. Although it would definitely look like autumn in your pool area every day, it would look inappropriate when other seasons come around. Instead, choose one color and stick to it. For example, if you choose a concrete pool deck colored cream or orange, use that hue and different tones on the deck or strategically around the area.

Do Not Overdo It

Now that you have chosen one color to incorporate on the deck, make sure that you do not overdo it. Pool deck overlays can be stained to an orange color or a variety of similar tones. If you have a striking color on the deck, there is no need to make everything on and around it in the same color. Imagine an orange pool deck, orange lounge chairs, orange pool lining, orange cabanas, and everything else orange. Definitely an eyesore. If the pool deck is already orange, put some more orange on the throw pillows on the lounge chairs. Maybe you can just add orange flowering plants somewhere nearby for added color. Do not make it look like a giant orange fruit threw up on the deck.

Consult a Paint Swatch

The safest way not to overdo is to use different similar hues or different tones of a similar color. This can be pretty tricky. If you are planning on concrete stain colors to use on pool deck coatings, you may consult a designer or a paint swatch. Swatches are strips that feature a palette of colors that go together. You can also use these to test how colors would look against or along with the rest of the pool area or the exterior of the home itself. While fall colors look absolutely stunning on those trees and on the fallen leaves on your lawn, using them all year round requires careful planning.

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