How To Blend Your Pool Deck With Your Home’s Exterior

There are various ways to enhance and improve a concrete pool deck, making it quite challenging to zero in on just one option that would fully satisfy your desires. 

A customer’s preferences are often influenced by his or her home’s architectural design. 

So, if you want the pool deck to blend in utmost harmony with your home, here are ways you could make that a reality.

Four Tips To Consider

1. Color

Stained and mix colored concrete pool deck in front of a residential space

The most common method of making concrete pool deck colors blend in with the rest of the house is by having it in the exact same color as the exterior of the house. 

However, this can be quite an eyesore. Instead, use a color that is similar to the house, probably a tone or shade lighter or darker. 

If you have a brown wooden house, a beige or tan pool deck will look great with it, both colors being in the same range. Another way is to choose a contrasting yet complementing color.

2. Theme

If the theme of the house is traditional, an abstract pool would seem inappropriate. 

If you want the pool deck to blend with the house, it should both belong to the same design concept. Here are some of the most popular themes:

Brown colored sealer in a concrete pool deck

Old World

This theme features the beauty of antiquity which was popular centuries ago. These usually feature natural stones. 


This features formal and classic elements. A pool deck with an ashlar or slate look would be a great choice. 

A spray-concrete resurfacing solution also features a subtle stucco-like design, perfect for traditional homes. 


A modern theme is either utilitarian, sleek, industrial, or geometric.  


Featuring elements relative to the sea, sand, and sun, this concept is both warm and relaxing. 

A spray texture on a concrete pool deck is an ideal method of making the deck look like sand. Plus, this coating stays cool to the touch despite exposure to sunlight. 


This is a popular theme for homes, featuring charming elements often used in ranches and country farmhouses. Natural stone and wood

3. Pattern

Ashlar slate stamped concrete pool deck

If the exterior of the house features a brick pattern, a brick pool deck seems most appropriate. 

However, to keep it from looking redundant, choose to add brick only on borders, coping, and focal points. This way, there is a point of connectivity without being too overpowering.

4. Material

While any material should do, it is best to work with similar or at least complementary materials to create a well-blended look. 

A wooden house may have a wooden deck and a stone house would look great with a natural stone deck. 

If you are concerned with budget, concrete is your best bet. It can be made to look like most materials, including wood, stone, brick, tile, and more. With the help of a professional concrete contractor, explore your options.

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