A Beautiful Indoor Concrete

The next time you go out and do your shopping at the mall, take a look at their concrete floor and how it looks like. You might be surprised at how awesome it looks like!

Concrete has become much more sought after material for interior designers all over the country. This is because of its unique ability to look slick and at the same time natural. Retail stores, trendy restaurants and upscale offices make use of decorative concrete for their surfaces. It can either be stamped, stained, colored or even customized to your own preferences. We are letting you know that it is your home’s turn to have this kind of concrete surface! There are many long term benefits for a decorative concrete application (and not to mention, lots of places to put it). But when it comes to residential properties, concrete is no longer limited to the garage. Decorative concrete floors can definitely transform any kitchen, bathroom and basement floor into an amazing surface of art and appeal.

Stained Kitchen Floor

The process of applying a decorative concrete overlay is very simple. All you have to do is to apply thin layers of concrete to a base concrete slab. After the first step, any kind of design can be added according to your choice! Just wait for it to dry, apply a layer of a topcoat sealer and you’re basically done! Your concrete will continue to look as new and as good as ever for many years to come. It’s often the hardest part in the installation of decorative concrete to choose a style because the designs and color options at your disposal are literally limitless! It’s about time for you to throw away any kind of thoughts about your boring gray concrete and replace them expensive surfaces like flagstone, tile and even hardwood! This is because decorative concrete overlays can mimic these materials without the hefty price tag.

But if in case you are still a bit doubtful, here are some of the benefits that you can gain:

  • When it comes to basement flooring, you should take into consideration the moisture and humidity. Hardwoods, in humid climates, can warp and split. The carpeting above it will absorb the moisture in the air which leads to the formation of molds.
  • The protective concrete sealer is so easy to maintain! You can just grab a cloth, a mop or even a broom to clean it and you’re done!
  • Decorative concrete can enhance the architectural and aesthetic details of your home. It’s a great addition and complement to a brick wall or an interior column. You can lay out a rug on it and you’d be satisfied at how expensive your home’s indoor concrete surface would look like.
  • It adds value to your property so it’s a sure ball double income when you decide to sell your property soon.
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