Backyard Upgrades

Having a backyard that looks as plain as a white board could eventually turn into an eye sore. The vast space your backyard is occupying needs to be filled. There’s a lot of great stuff out there that you could use to beautify your backyard, so I’ll be sharing you three quick fixes that could maximize that space and give life to it.

Mini Farms/Horticulture/Gardening

Growing plants is a pretty good activity not just for beautifying your backyard but also to keep you busy (positively and if you have a green thumb) with maintaining those green, leafy friends. You could also grow crops if you have a big backyard, or just have decorative plants and flowers overrun the entire area. Not only will you achieve a good-looking yard, but you could also have that feeling of positivity and freshness as plants do have that ability to make someone feel better just by looking at it and having them around.

Build a Pool

This is not just some simple dig-fill up with concrete-tile-water kind of pool, but I’m talking about going big. Have the pool look like it’s taken from Beverly Hills! What better way to get the best-looking pool than to have the coolest-looking pool deck right? Now for you to achieve this, you’ll have to install a pool deck using stamped concrete. It’s a good investment, because it gives you various design options that you couldn’t get with other materials for the pool deck. You can even choose from different patterns: stone, brick, tile and even wood textures!

Pool Deck San Diego
Concrete Pool Deck and Stamped Concrete Patio

Theme it!

If you want to have the most looked-at and sought after yard in the neighborhood, well you have to theme it! Now this could be time-consuming but the results would be the best. If you want to invest in it, you could have your backyard to looking like Jurassic Park! And instead of Lawn Gnomes (the usual garden accessories), why not buy a life-sized figure of some Hollywood star or a famous Movie Character? You’ll be surprised at how famous your hood is going to be once you try this.

There you go, three simple to complex fixes that would surely turn that blank space into something that Taylor Swift would be ashamed to sing about.

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