5 Tips to Create a Spa Atmosphere at Home

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Are you curious about how spas can inspire calm and relaxation just as you enter their doors? The answer lies in the smart interior decorating they do to give people that feeling. But that atmosphere isn’t just useful in a spa, it can also be a good way to inspire relaxation when you come home. By using these tips picked straight off spa interiors in your bathroom, we hope to give you that spa atmosphere without the cost of going to the spa.

1. Choose the right colors

A great spa atmosphere begins with choosing the right colors. For a good spa interior, we recommend the use of pastel, neutral, or mellow colors depending on your own personal style. By choosing low-key colors, you are able to give your eyes something calming to look at, instead of a bright and loud color that could distract you. If you’re not sure about adding color through wall paint or furniture, you can take the unconventional path of using the color on your floors. For San Diego floors that combine both functionality and modern design, you can call us to request a quote today.

2. Focus on a clean layout

Spas are so effective because there is very little visual clutter. So if you want to get the same effect at home, you will need to clean out the layout of your bathroom and choose your furniture carefully. Choose furniture that you know you need and put anything else either in a closed cabinet or removed from the bathroom entirely.

3. Add pops of green life

Nothing can add a pop of life to a room as plants can, and spas have been taking advantage of this for a long time. Create your own spa greenhouse in your bathroom by adding some hanging plants and small potted plants to the bathroom. Choose ones that are relatively low-maintenance and that can survive the humidity of a bathroom.

4. Install open shelving

Spas always have that iconic open shelving that invites calm self-care. By installing the same shelving and stocking it with towels and candles, the spa vibe will come naturally. Open shelving also has the added benefit of adding more openness to space compared to closed-off cabinets that limit the space of the bathroom.

5. Maximize lighting

To get the right spa atmosphere, lighting is crucial. If you have it, natural lighting is the best choice and you should try to maximize it as much as possible by eliminating curtains or any obstructions in way of the natural light. But if you don’t have natural light, choose artificial light that can mimic bright sunlight.

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