Pool Green, Strawberry Pink, and Cool Colored Decks: Trends for 2023

Pink colored deck of a pool with a view

San Diego is one of the U.S. cities with the most residential pools. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if yours stood out with its trendy cool decking San Diego?

Give your pool an exceptional makeover with cool decking materials and coatings for pools. Go for a peppy strawberry pink or a refreshing pool green shade for your pool decking. It would be the most energizing colored deck that will grace your backyard.

Transform your conventional, worn-out pool deck surface into a colorful, vibrant one with cool decking. It is a dependable quick fix provided by a professional cool decking installation expert.

Cool decking guarantees your pool deck a whole new appeal without replacing it. When upgrading your pool, make your investment more relevant and increase your home’s market value.

Breakaway From Your Traditional Pool Colors

Most likely, the water in your pool has the usual blue or greenish-blue hue. Have you considered what these cool decking colors look like from a distance? Does it appear dark blue, or is it a lighter blue shade?

A pool attains its blue color through the blue, gray, or white finish on its inner structure, with blue tiles complementing it. Other colors include deep natural blue like the sea and greenish blue similar to a lake.

But have you tried adding offbeat colors like maize and plum or a pastel light color like pink? How about terra cotta, antique moss, or cafe latte? With cool decking, you can play with any color combination to get your desired cool decking colors.

2023 Cool Color Trends for Your Pool Deck

Two cool color trends will transform your stained-color pool decks and stamped-color pool decks. Find out below what options you have.

Cream colored pool deck in a residential home with pergola

Choosing Stained Color Pool Decks

Make your pool come alive with various colors like greens, blues, reds, and many more with water-based stain colors. With custom mix stains, staining your pool decks in any color you want is possible.

Choose from a broad spectrum of colors from the pool deck color chart to create bright and vibrant pool surfaces for your cool decking concrete.

Match or complement your house colors or backyard furniture with your preferred shades. Get creative and come up with your custom mix using cool hues and tones such as:


  • Mahogany
  • Cinnamon
  • Copper
  • Chocolate
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Spice
  • Pear
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Sienna Rust
  • Golden Harvest

With water-based stain for your deck, you get vivid color options from a proprietary blend of specialized water-soluble polymers and liquid dyes. Staining both traditional and polymer-modified concrete is easy through water-based stains.

Choosing Stamped Color Pool Decks

You can also transform your pool deck and give it a more natural look by adding tones that bring a more earthy charm to your pool. Choose from these popular colors for a natural appeal to your stamped concrete.

  • Adobe Buff
  • Stone Gray
  • Cappuccino
  • Light Gray
  • Sun Buff
  • Smokey Beige
  • Cream Beige

Stamped concrete color combinations can create textures and finishes that produce excellent results. Whatever shade or tone you prefer for your stamped concrete and pool deck material, experts will make it available.

Incorporate Textures

Do you have a classic white pool that you want to upgrade? Try applying it with spray knockdown to incorporate texture on your pool deck. Or use textures to finish your cool decking installation.

It gives a timeless appeal on the decks, and you do not have to worry about updating its colors. The texture is also a good way of enhancing a pool deck’s surface function.

With spray knockdown texture, the surface of your outdoor pool deck is cooler by 30%. The textured surface also improves traction and makes it more resistant to slips and falls.

Furthermore, spray knockdown is a practical, concrete deck repair method if your pool deck needs restoration.


So, what is your color choice? Colors reflect mood and personality, so pick the ones that suit your style.

Do you want your pool to stand out? Go for bright colors like red and pink. Do you prefer a nature-ish feel instead? Try natural-looking shades like tan, gray, or beige.

Whatever color you choose, get the services of a local concrete coatings specialist and cool deck installer. An expert on contemporary pool decking techniques will ensure first-rate results.

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