Top-Notch Decorative Concrete Services in San Diego,CA


decorative concrete san diegoConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc.  has been servicing California’s third largest metro area for over 40 years. We have an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau and is proud of our outstanding team.


Overlays: Contractors install concrete stamp patterns and textures over the existing cement slab. Overlays give you the appearance of high-end stone and wood without the outrageous cost. Coastal and inland customers have selected overlay designs for their driveways, walkways, entryways and patios.

Staining: Acid stains and water-based stains give unique coloring to interior floors. San Diegans often choose this approach for entryways, kitchens and basements. Business owners select staining for conference rooms, restrooms and dining areas. Shades range from earthy browns and reds to bright yellows, greens and blues. Because each project holds different characteristics, your stained floor will never look like anyone else’s.

Epoxy and Polyurea Polyaspartic Flooring: Make your garage floor, locker room, or showroom surface more durable with the help of these paint-and-chip coatings. The finished floors hide dirt, rarely scuff or scratch.

Make sure you choose a reputable decorative concrete contractor in San Diego for your next patio, pool deck or driveway project. Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. is happy to answer your questions about our products and services.Simply call (619) 443-2318 to speak with a knowledgeable professional.