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Are you covering up spots and pockmarks on your floors? Have you tripped over cracks and chips in your driveway and sidewalks? If your answer is yes, you need an experienced resurfacer to get the job done right. Resurfacing a concrete pool deck, driveway or patio involves the process of applying a new surface over existing cement. The cost for resurfacing is lower than that of new construction because work crews don’t need to demolish and haul away the old slab. Instead, they bond new materials to the current foundation. By using an advanced sealer, technicians can ensure that the restored surfaces last just as long as a new pour would in the year-round sunshine.

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Decorative Concrete Coatings for Pool Decks, Patios, Driveways, Garage & Interior Floors

There are different concrete resurfacing solutions out there, each one with its own unique features but all tremendously appealing and durable.

For a concrete pool deck or patio, many San Diego customers choose a spray knockdown finish. They hide blemishes, are slip-resistant and stay several degrees cooler than the surrounding surfaces. Pros can tint resurfaced pool deckings and patios so they complement a home or business’s color scheme.

Another option for a patio, as well as for driveways and walkways, is a stamped overlay. You can choose a solid stain color or mix designs to get the look of wood, stone or brick. You can craft a woodsy appearance for properties in North County or a classic surfer image for buildings by the bay. Overlays offer customizable shapes that can wrap around trees, bushes, fire pits, water features and other obstructions.

For interior commercial flooring and home garages, consider the low-maintenance aspect of epoxies and polyurea polyaspartics. These paint-like or chip floor applications form a seamless, long-lasting bond that is difficult to damage and easy to clean.

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