High-Quality Decorative Concrete Patio Solutions in San Diego, CA

Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. provide reliable solutions for upgrading or repairing concrete patios in San Diego, California, be it for residential or commercial use. Patios used to be just an area that people unforgivingly pass by. Some even use it as a storage area for garden tools and that rarely used the barbecue grill. Decorative concrete can change all that. Forget about messy and exhausting DIY solutions. Hiring a professional is actually a more worthwhile investment. Licensed contractors can turn that crumbling space into the perfect place for a weekly barbecue party.

Top Concrete Patio Repair and Upgrade Options

Before deciding to take out a slab for a new re-pour, have an expert assess the surface first. Having it repaired is a more affordable option. Most people imagine a repaired patio to look like it has been patched together with epoxy or concrete. But it can actually be made to look better than it ever was. How? Through refinishing or resurfacing.

  • Refinishing – This is the process of changing the look and finish of a surface. Common solutions are acid or water-based staining and sealing. This type of solution is appropriate for surfaces that have minimal to zero damage.
  • Resurfacing – For more serious surface repairs, a good way to cover up any evidence of patching or crack filling is by applying a new layer of overlay or coating. This new layer can then be customized based on the property owner’s preference.

Economical Patio Coatings and Overlays

stamped concrete patio san diegoStamped Overlays – One of the most popular options for resurfacing is stamped overlays. Our installers apply an overlay and then stamp it with patterns that mimic the appearance of natural stone, granite, brick, or whatever paving material the property owner desires. Owners can customize the look, texture, and color of a stamped concrete patio to their liking.

concrete patio san diego

Sundek Classic Texture – This is an acrylic cement coating that is sprayed and trowelled on an existing surface. The result is a knockdown texture similar to a stucco wall, only smoother.


concrete patio san diego

Staining – When only a refinishing is needed to update the look of the surface, then a layer of stain is most recommended. Property owners can choose from an acid stain or a water-based stain. Acid stain provides semi-translucent earthy colors and random effects. Water-based stains offer a variety of opaque colors.

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The beautiful California climate is best enjoyed with family and friends. Whether it is for entertaining, impressing, or merely for relaxing, a patio needs to be at its absolute best. Concrete Coatings Specialists, Inc. is an A+ BBB rated company that specializes in decorative concrete solutions for residential and commercial properties in San Diego, CA.

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