Top Quality Decorative Concrete Driveway San Diego

The concrete driveway is one of the first things people see as they approach or pass by a property. Concrete is a top choice material for most homes in Southern California. Unlike asphalt, it is versatile and quite resistant to UV rays, downpours, wind gusts, and heavy foot traffic. This green building material can easily be repaired, making it an environment-friendly option as less cement is produced and less waste makes it to the landfill.

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Why risk curb appeal and reputation with ugly cracks, holes, or discoloration on a driveway?

There are decorative ways a homeowner can upgrade a driveway in San Diego. These solutions have been proven beneficial as it provides a durable and highly aesthetic driving surface at a fraction of the cost of brick, natural stone, and other expensive paving materials. You can select the final sealer or stain to give the exact look you want. You choose your colors, coatings, textures, and patterns and then let the experts do the rest. Forget about the ugly, gray slabs of yesterday; with today’s decorative solutions, you can get the look of slate, tile, cobblestone, brick, wood and more.

Decorative Resurfacing

Installing new concrete to replace an old driveway can be very expensive and time-consuming. Resurfacing is a type of repair solution that provides all the good features of a newly installed cement surface, without the hassles of removal and re-pour. Resurfacing is the process of applying a thin layer of new material atop an existing surface. The decorative layer bonds with the foundation, thereby sealing the cement and forming a durable, creative, and unique design.

  • Stamped Overlay – This is the most economical methods for residential and commercial owners who want to have concrete stamped driveways.  An overlay, applied on the surface, is stamped with patterns such as brick, flagstone, pavers, and more.
  • Sundek Classic Texture – This is an acrylic coating material that is sprayed onto a concrete and then manually troweled. It features a unique texture that is similar to stucco, only smoother. The great thing about this is that it prevents hot tire pickup or tire marks. This material is able to stay 30% cooler than most paving materials.

Decorative Concrete Refinishing

For surfaces with no damage but would nonetheless benefit from a makeover, refinishing is the best option. It does not involve a new surface material but a new finish, such as:

  • Staining – Stain is an ideal method for coloring cement surfaces. Acid stains create a leather or marbled look that can’t be replicated. The final look after all chemical reactions are through is different on each and every surface. Water-based stain, on the other hand, produces more solid and consistent colors because it is non-reactive.
  • Sealing – Whether a driveway is resurfaced or refinishing, it would not be complete without a layer or two of sealer. This helps make the surface resistant to impact, grease and oil, and abrasion. It also creates a polished surface that is easier to clean and maintain. Fine aggregate, like sand, can be integrated during the sealing application process to improve slip-resistance.

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