Superior Cool Decking in San Diego : Heat-reflective Concrete Coatings

There is nothing more fun on a hot summer day than to spend it in the swimming pool. It would be nice to have a cool decking that is as cool as the pool water. Whether it is for a swim or to simply enjoy the outdoors, the pool deck is the place to be. It would be wonderful to have one that is made with materials that truly make your lives more comfortable.

Hanging out on the pool deck, you wouldn’t want the heat of the concrete surface to burn your soles and melt your footwear, would you? Fortunately, there are decorative concrete coatings that can help cool down the surface and keep it that way, despite long exposure to the sun.

Cool deck coatings are resurfacing solutions that are highly recommended for outdoor concrete pool decks. These are quick fixes but highly reliable when it comes to heat reflectivity, durability, and slip-resistance.

Perks of a Cool Deck Overlay

Sure, there are other pool deck materials that can keep the pool deck clean, but more often than not, that added feature is quite costly. A cool acrylic concrete coating is a more practical option. Here are other reasons why people are head-over-heels over this coating:

  • It features a heat-reflective property that keeps the surface cooler by 30%. Since the coating is often textured, the grooves and dips help create air pockets, allowing air to circulate around the foot.
  • The textured surface of a resurfaced or refinished pool deck enhances traction, making it more resistant to slips and falls even when wet.
  • This coating is also an ideal solution to surface damage, such as stains, discoloration, minor cracks, flaking, and the like,
  • Pool owners would be glad to know that this coating is more affordable than replacing the deck. It requires only a thin layer of pool deck concrete overlay and less time to install.

To answer every pool owner’s cry for help, several companies have begun providing answers to the hot pool deck dilemma. Stardek and Surecrete, for example, have introduced their own heat-reflective pool deck products. Kool decking, which is being manufactured by KoolDeck, is probably one of the most popular stamped pool deck coatings that have a cooling feature, hence the name. Other companies, like CTI and EliteCrete, have even begun offering dealerships to reach more pool deck owners. Sundek, an expert in decorative concrete resurfacing, offers Sundek Classic Texture. This is a spray-on coating that is troweled by hand, creating a texture similar to stucco, but more subtle.

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If your pool deck needs a cooler surface, we can resurface it for you. If it has an existing overlay that has worn out, we can refinish it for you, as well. Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. is an expert in concrete resurfacing and refinishing solutions. Aside from cool deck overlay installation, we also offer stamped concrete overlays, epoxy flooring, and polyurea polyaspartic coatings. Our resurfacing solution is highly recommended for pool decks, patios, driveways, and other outdoor surfaces. Our team of professional installers is experienced in cool deck resealing and repair services both for residential and commercial concrete surfaces.

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