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The first thing you imagine when you think of a garage floor is dirty, stained, and greasy. Well, the rave on epoxy floors will show you why it’s high time we wash that impression off of our minds.

We at Concrete Coatings Specialists, Inc. made sure that we have what it takes to make your garage showroom-worthy. As the exclusive Sundek installer in the San Diego, CA area, we are confident that you would be able to find the right look and functional features you never thought possible on a garage floor.

Premium Coating

If you are after a concrete surface that is resistant to chemicals and abrasions, which garage floors are often exposed to, then you should definitely go for SunEpoxy. This is a two-part material that is applied on a concrete slab giving both residential and commercial owners the benefits they crave on a garage, showroom, or car dealership floor, such as:

  • This heavy duty coating is durable enough to endure high foot and car traffic
  • Resistant to chemical spills, oils, grease and more
  • Easy to clean and does not require special cleaning or maintenance products
  • Can be customized with colors or microchips
  • Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial locations

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Application Process

It takes a professional to epoxy your surfaces with utmost efficiency. First, the existing concrete slab is assessed to check if it is in a condition good enough for the coating to adhere. After cleaning and applying necessary repairs, the body coat is poured and spread all over the concrete slab, making sure to bankroll it for a smooth and even surface. This is then left to set, cure, and dry to maximize its durability. After everything has set properly, a final clear coat or sealer is applied to make it stronger and long-lasting.

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When it comes to decorative concrete services, we at Concrete Coatings Specialists, Inc. don’t just do it…we go the distance. So, if you are after a garage floor that works very effectively while looking ever so presentable despite the heavy and dirty work that happens on it, then an epoxy coating is the best option for you. Call us or send us an email today so we could get started on your project!

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